Founding partner Dr. Pedro Roncato has been leading the tax law area for 30 years. Roncato Law Firm provides assistance to companies in finding solutions for various tax issues, both through consultation and litigation, whether in the administrative or judicial sphere. The firm’s work also includes risk analysis and searching for alternatives to support legal and tax departments in their decision-making processes. The tax planning and review team examines the client’s operations for safe and legal reductions of tax charges.

  • Tax Review and Administrative Consultation/Litigation 
  • Representation before the Administrative Board of Tax Appeals (CARF);
  • Monitoring of precedents of administrative bodies;
  • Support in tax authority audits;
  • Tax planning and corporate restructuring;
  • Succession planning and personal wealth planning;
  • Study and research of tax benefits;
  • Research and monitoring of regulatory acts and relevant administrative and judicial decisions, for the purpose of identifying cost reductions in business operations. 
  • Judicial and administrative litigation
  • Team specialized in judicial and administrative litigation at the federal, state and municipal levels;
  • Representation throughout Brazil;

Monitoring of leading cases from the Superior Courts – Federal Supreme Court (STF) and Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

Certifications and Awards

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