Roncato Law Firm has extensive experience in the practice of corporate and civil litigation, both in courts of first instance, as well as in appellate courts and in the higher and supreme courts (STJ and STF). The focus of the work is on highly complex issues such as litigation related to corporate relations, contractual disputes, bankruptcy and judicial restructuring, defense in class action suits, indemnities and civil liability.

  • Representation in the state and federal courts of all states in Brazil, with the assistance of corresponding lawyers;
  • Experience in handling highly complex conflicts: case planning and risk analysis;
  • Preparation of oral arguments and memoranda for trial in the courts of appeal and higher courts (STJ and STF);
  • Monitoring of theses based on repetitive appeals and Incident of Resolution of Repetitive Claims (IRDR);
  • Research and know-how in the preparation of appeals and case law analysis.

Certifications and Awards

Other areas of practice