Roncato Law Firm offers clients consultancy in the corporate sphere, which ranges from the incorporation of companies until their dissolution. Our team is well prepared to offer advice and legal opinions on complex corporate transactions. Roncato’s broad experience in tax law allows the corporate configuration that best serves the client’s interests at the lowest possible cost, while always respecting current legislation.

  • Incorporation and structuring of companies;
  • Mergers, spin-offs, incorporations, acquisitions, formation of consortia and holding companies;
  • Investment, partnership and business collaboration agreements;
  • Purchase and sale of assets, commercial establishments and shareholdings;
  • Drafting shareholders’ agreements, issuing debentures and other securities;
  • Assistance in the fulfillment of the company’s routine legal obligations, such as the preparation of minutes, documents and convening General Meetings;
  • Prevention of corporate litigation; 
  • Consulting for family businesses;
  • Representation in judicial and arbitration proceedings in corporate disputes, such as dissolution of the company, withdrawal of a partner, exclusion of a partner, liability of a manager, verification of assets and succession of a deceased partner.

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