About Us

Founded in 1990 by Dr. Pedro Roncato, our firm brings a unique and extremely important characteristic to the business sector: understanding the client’s business in depth. 

The fact that the founding partner has already served as controller of a large company in São Paulo, Brazil and has a background in business administration, makes Roncato a law firm a unique law firm, as it unites legal, administrative and accounting knowledge in a single office.

Over 30 years, Roncato has built a multidisciplinary team, combining experience and dynamism to deliver innovative solutions with a high standard of security and reliability.

In addition to this expertise, Roncato has been strengthening its branches in Paris and Lisbon since 2012. The director in charge of the law firm on the European continent is Dr. Tatiana Roncato who, through her master’s degree from the University of Sorbonne, is responsible for providing technical assistance to Brazilians abroad and also of European and multinational companies.

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